VoidStar Security LLC

VoidStar Security LLC is a security research and consulting firm with a specialization in embedded systems analysis and reverse engineering.


VSS provides training materials designed for researchers and security engineers who want to learn more about securing and attacking embedded systems. All of our courses can be performed remotely or on-site at your location. See our training page for more details.

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Reverse Engineering

We offer a wide variety of reverse engineering expertise in the realm of both hardware and software. Utilizing experience across multiple architectures and operating systems we can assist you with your reverse engineering project. Our capabilties include: Ghidra scripting and extension,firmware emulation and processor module development

Red Teaming / Firmware Extraction

Is your firmware securely stored on your IoT or embedded device? Are your hardware debugging mechanisms properly secured against fault injection? Our hardware analysis program will provide you with an assessment and recommendations on how to harden your product and develop an appropriate threat model. Contact us for more information.

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Looking for a private training, tool development or an assessment of your embedded system? Contact us with the details!

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