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About VSS

VoidStar Security LLC is a cybersecurity firm with expertise in low-level hardware and software reverse engineering and exploitation.
We specialize in breaking down complex security topics as well as breaking into hardened embedded systems.
By breaking down these topics and targets, we aim to make cutting-edge hardware security research more approachable and understandable to engineers and security researchers alike.

VSS's core philosophy is to be results and research-driven , which is why we regularly publish blog posts and educational materials to give back to the security community.

Previous conference talks and publications can be found here

Company Resources and Information

VSS was founded in 2020 by Matthew Alt. Matthew began his reverse engineering career in the aftermarket automotive industry, searching for vulnerabilities in engine control units' diagnostic protocol implementations. Next, he worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he led a team focused on embedded systems analysis. While at MIT, Matthew was awarded the Ouststanding Contributor Award for his technical contributions. You can find other examples of his work and teaching style on his personal blog, the VSS research blog and through the free Ghidra course he authored at Hackaday.


VSS LLC offers expertise in the following areas

Hardware and Software Reverse Engineering

IoT/Embedded Penetration Testing
Protocol Analysis and Reverse Engineering
Custom Tool Development (Ghidra/IDA plugins, etc)
Data Recovery and Hardware Forensics
Firmware Analysis


VSS offers training courses on hardware and software security, see the course listing with syllabus links below:
Hardware Hacking Bootcamp
Firmware Analysis Fundamentals

Fault Injection / Power Analysis Research

Firmware Extraction and Analysis
Fault Injection Weaponization and Parameterization
Power Analysis / Side Channel Analysis

Public Research and Projects

Projects and publications developed by VoidStar Security LLC

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  • Blog Posts
  • Education
  • Talks

VoidStar Security Wiki

Resources and Guides for Hardware Hackers

Introduction to Reverse Engineering with Ghidra

A free four-session course

VoidStar Security Research Blog

The Hackers Guide to Hardware Debugging

Hackaday Remoticon 2020

ARM Innovation Hour: Hacking with Wrongbaud

Wrongbaud's blog

Hacking Hadoukens: Reverse Engineering a Street Fighter Two Cabinet

Replicant: Reproducing a Fault Injection Attack on the Trezor One

CanSecWest 2024 - Glitching in 3D: Low-Cost EMFI Attacks


Since it's founding in 2020 VSS has helped train companies ranging in sizes from five employees to five thousand. Our classes are available to be taught onsite or remotely, groups of five or more are considered for private offerings.

Hardware Hacking Bootcamp

Firmware Analysis Fundamentals


Hardware Hacking Bootcamp

October 2022 Onsite Offering

This was the best technical training I've ever had. As a career software goon, I always felt like electrical signaling and/or digital data transfer at the chip level is this mystical, hand wavey stuff. But that is no longer the case. Matt starts from the fundamentals of electricity, as in this is how we use voltage to represent data, and then builds up the layers of abstraction from there. The mystery is gone. The veil is lifted from mine eyes, and I have Matt to thank for that.

Hardware Hacking Bootcamp

October 2022 Onsite Offering

The course was exactly what I'd hoped it would be. It was the perfect way to get hands-on experience with hardware without the risk of breaking something expensive. I feel the course provided me a good foundation for working with embedded devices and learning other protocols they might use. What I learned will be directly applicable to my day-to-day work.

Hardware Hacking Bootcamp

March 2022 Onsite Offering

All in all, this course was seriously a game changer for me. This has literally taken me from an infosec employee with near-zero hardware reversing knowledge, to feeling extremely comfortable and excited about diving into some new unknown devices! I can't thank you enough Matthew. I'll continue to rave about your course to friends and colleagues :-)

Hardware Hacking Bootcamp

March 2022 Onsite Offering

The course was very helpful. I am looking forward to expanding on these skills for IoT devices. The pace of the course made it easier as a software developer with software RE experience to learn.


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