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Welcome to the VoidStar Security LLC Research and Blog Wiki, here you find previous blog entries, wiki articles on hardware hacking and other hardware security related content.

Getting Started

On the sidebar you will find links to our resources and writeups.

If you are new to hardware hacking and reverse engineering, check out our guide to building a hardware hacking lab

If you are interested in learning more through concrete examples of hardware hacking check out the two blogs linked from the sidebar


This wiki/blog is the combination of VSS’s hardware security research as well as personal side projects done to illustrate the basics of hardware hacking and firmware reverse engineering.


Contributions to write-ups and wiki pages are more than welcome. Simply make a pull request on the relevant file that you wish to edit and we’ll review it! Some of our previous contributors can be seen below:


If you are interested in consulting or training, don’t hesitate to contact us. For updates on new courses, blog posts and resources, sign up for our mailing list here