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VSS: Beginners Guide to Building a Hardware Hacking Lab


One of the most common questions that I get during a training is:

“What do we need to build out an initial hardware hacking lab?”

Of course, the answer to this question can be heavily tailored based on the goals of the team and their targets, but I wanted to attempt to document what would make for a good starter lab. The following document aims to outline the basic requirements for well rounded embedded systems laboratory.

In this list, I will focus on devices that I and a few others regularly use for hardware pen testing and research. I will list a range of devices covering various budgets.

It should be noted that the following recommendations are my opinion, and none of the links below are affiliate links or anything of the sort. My goal is to help people build out their first lab, not to make money. This guide will also be maintained at the GitHub repository located here - please submit pull requests with your suggestions and favorite tools!


Throughout the development of this guide, I was lucky enough to have some really sharp people offer to help me proofread and provide recommendations for some of the gear listed in this write up, I’ve included their names/handles below: