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Clips / Jumpers / Probes

Sometimes, we have to connect to specific pads or pins to analyze the signal on our target device, but that does not always require soldering and removing components. Probing test pads and reading flash chips in-circuit can significantly reduce the debugging/analysis time when performing firmware patches or testing PoCs. Below are some helpful items that I use when soldering/connecting to new targets. The PCBite kit is handy as the fine-tip probes will often save you from needing to solder to test pads when performing initial analysis.

Item Price Link Description
Premium Silicone Jumper Wires $11.95 Link Used to make breadboard connections, etc
Pomona SOIC8 Clip $18.19 Link Used to clip onto SOIC8 packages
Pomona SMD Grabber Pin $21.79 Link Useful for grabbing individual pins of small packages such as QFP microcontrollers, etc.
KOTTO Helping Hands $23.99 Link Useful when soldering to smaller devices
XKM-S EX Hook Pin Grabbers $30.06 Link Helpful for grabbing pins of SOIC8 chips and other packages with wide footprints
PCBite Kit $190 Link Handy magnetic probe kit with PCB holders and pogo pins