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JTAG / Debug Adapters

Perhaps during your teardown, you discovered a set of test points or debug headers that you believe might be for hardware-level debugging, such as JTAG or SWD. If you’re trying to get hardware-level debugging working on a target, it is always a good idea to see what OEM tools are available. I’ve compiled a list below of some of the more generic tools I keep in my toolbox. Most of these are ARM-focused, as many other JTAG tooling for different architectures will often involve purchasing specific hardware/software or utilizing OpenOCD.

Item Price Link Usage
FT2232H Breakout Board $14.95 Link Generic interface board, capable of SPI, I2C, UART, etc
STLink $22.16 Link Easy to work with, largely focused on STM32, but can be used as a generic SWD adapter with OpenOCD
Tigard $49.00 Link Open source FT2232H-based, multi-protocol, multi-voltage tool for hardware hacking.
Black Magic Probe $74.95 Link Open source JTAG probe, can be used with OpenOCD
JLink $529.12 Link Extremely sound software support, supports a large amount of ARM chips, has built-in level shifting
Lauterbach TBD Link Extremely powerful JTAG tooling that can be purchased with licenses targeting specific architectures/chipsets

When attempting to utilize a hardware debug mechanism (especially from a black box perspective), there is no “one size fits all” tool. Whether you are accessing a JTAG tap or an SWD peripheral, there are two hurdles that you need to overcome:

  1. Can your hardware communicate with the TAP/DAP?
    1. Logic Levels, appropriate speeds, timings, etc
  2. Can your software properly enumerate and interact with the TAP/DAP?
    1. OpenOCD, UrJTAG, OEM Tools, etc

The right tools for the job is critical when looking at a new hardware-level debug peripheral. Make sure that you search for OEM software/hardware and always check the latest OpenOCD commits for similar targets.