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Radio Frequency Tooling and Instrumentation

In the realm of security testing, these tools play a crucial role in assessing and safeguarding the integrity of wireless communication systems and devices. High-cost options provide powerful capabilities for in-depth analysis of various RF signals, allowing security professionals to identify vulnerabilities, intercept and decode wireless transmissions, and assess the robustness of communication protocols. These tools are often employed in academic and research settings for advanced RF security research. On the other hand, low-cost options are accessible solutions that aid in testing and securing more common wireless technologies, including RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and various ISM band devices.

High-Cost Options

Item Price (Approximate) Link Description
HackRF One $300 - $350 Buy HackRF One A versatile SDR platform for analyzing and testing a wide range of radio signals.
Proxmark3 $250 - $300 Buy Proxmark3 A dedicated RFID/NFC testing and hacking tool, allowing reading, emulating, and modifying RFID/NFC cards.
LimeSDR $250 - $350 Buy LimeSDR A flexible SDR platform suitable for RF security research and testing.
USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) $1,000+ Buy USRP High-end SDR platforms for advanced RF research and security testing in academic and research settings.
Signal Hound Real-time Spectrum Analyzer $1,190+ Buy Signal Hound High-speed spectrum analysis for advanced RF research and security testing in academic and research settings.
Copper Mountain Vector Network Analyzer $10,000+ Buy Copper Mountain Specialized instrument for measuring Antennas, RF cables, and RF systems, some instruments with additional options can measure up-to W-Band (75 - 110 GHz)

Low-Cost Options

Item Price (Approximate) Link to Buy Description
Flipper Zero $150 - $200 Buy Flipper Zero A multifunctional security testing and hacking tool with RF capabilities, including RFID and NFC testing.
YARD Stick One $100 - $150 Buy YARD Stick One A wireless transceiver for sub-1 GHz testing and attacks on ISM band devices and other low-frequency signals.
Ubertooth One $100 - $150 Buy Ubertooth One Designed for Bluetooth security testing, particularly capturing BLE packets for security assessments.
RTL-SDR $20 - $30 Buy RTL-SDR An affordable and versatile SDR dongle for exploring and analyzing a wide range of RF signals.
Wi-Fi Pineapple $100 - $200 Buy Wi-Fi Pineapple Used for Wi-Fi security assessments and creating rogue Wi-Fi access points, often used alongside RF devices.
PortaPack H1 $100 - $150 Buy PortaPack H1 An add-on for the HackRF One that provides a more user-friendly interface for HackRF interactions in the field.
TinySA Ultra $100 - $200 Buy TinySA Ultra An affordable spectrum analyzer and signal generator tool, can measure signals up to 12 GHz
NanoVNA $300 - $789 Buy NanoVNA Affordable specialized instrument for measuring Antennas and RF Systems, depending on which model it covers most ISM bands under 6 GHz
LibreVNA $500 - $700 Buy LibreVNA Affordable specialized instrument for measuring Antennas and RF Systems, offers full 2-port measurements, and covers ISM bands under 6 GHz